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Start, run and scale your very own freelance content writing business with Felicity Kay, CEO of All This Content. Over just 12 lessons, you’ll learn all of her inside secrets – from setting prices, to knowing where to find those big, retainer clients, via how to produce the best content/copy of your career!

This is the Freelance Writing Course You've Been Waiting For.

Just starting out, or already have a base of clients but want to know how to run your business better? This is the course for you. From getting paid on time, every time, to finding bigger and better clients, become a more confident and higher paid freelance writer today - in just 12 lessons!

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  • Further Reading

    Want to read more about something mentioned? I've got you covered! Enjoy bonus resource sheets with extra reading, tips and more with each module!

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    Get VIP access to the Facebook group, where you can mingle with other course participants, directly ask me questions, and even apply for writing jobs!

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    Enjoy new course content as and when it's released, free of charge! From new modules to bonus material, it'll all be ready and waiting for you in your Student Dashboard!

Student Testimonials

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The A-Z of starting a freelance writing business

Daniel C.

I'd heard about Felicity and ATC from one of their clients, so I decided to take her course. After one session, I was hooked. Now I'm running my own freelance content business. Thanks Felicity!

Freelance admin was ruining my life

Ida N.

I took the 'Business Management' track, and it really helped me to know how to handle it. Before the course, admin was an absolute nightmare, I had fines for late-payments and I couldn't keep on top of it. Now, I'm so organized that I even had time to tale the 'Writing' track too!

I found better paying, more appreciative clients

Danielle K.

I learned a lot from the course, but the best takeaway has to be the lesson about pricing and finding better clients. After the lesson, I spent half an hour using Felicity's methods...and found a whole new set of high-paying clients, with very little effort, because Felicity told me exactly what to do.

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